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I was surprised to see that I didn't comment before ("happy to see you updating") till I just went to put this comment and remembered what a pain it is to comment on typepad.

do they have you taking Ursodial for your gallbladder? I know it helps with (or prevents) stones but I don't know about "disease". I'm on it because rapid weight loss often causes stones. I hope you're not in too much pain.

which state are you in? (unless that's TMI) I imagine trying to adjust to a small town at the holidays is difficult unless you really bond with the townfolk. I sometimes fantasize about the lack of neighbors but I know it would actually drive me insane.


Leenda I'm so glad you commented I miss you! They don't have me on anything for the gallbladder except hydros for pain and something for nausea. Mine is full of sludge and stones and the doc says it just needs to come out and that it will only get worse.

I'm in Washington state, in a tiny town called Cheney, pop 10,000 in 4.1 square miles. It's not TMI, I would invite a stalker in for tea and hope he'd stay for dinner at this point.

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