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Flamingo Dancer

Good luck with the move.

Leather gloves - that is impressive!


Couple of big things you didn't expect are happening. Hope your artistic side keeps you up and forward.


On the one hand crapcrapcrap.
There are few things that feel worse than losing a job, even if you had thoughts of going already.
("You can't quit me, I'm fired!")

On the other hand,
If you're going to be job-hunting anyway, you get to be with your sweetie.
And setting up in a new place gives you a chance to rearrange habits, and priorities.
This could unexpectedly be a good thing.


[this is good] yay for moving then! new place new start!!
i'm sure you'll be able to find something!

at least you dont have to worry about a semi-long distance relationship !


Wow, whiplash! Things sure change in a hurry, don't they? Well, at least there are some positives here--I wish the best of luck with everything! And BTW, I'm liking that Fat Secret app a lot, thanks!


Whoa! Well, it was fun while it lasted! Good luck with your move! I hope you didn't have many things! I feel like you're moving more than me!


Eep! Boo on the job, but yay for moving with Matt.  Good luck with everything! 


good luck with everything! ive found the best results for me in all my dieting is to not count anything.
when i counted before i would gain weight or stay the same.
but these past 4 plus weeks ive just ate whatever i wanted and i work out 4-5 times a week. (sometimes just being at my job is a work out in itself). and ive noticed that ive lost weight better and easier and ive gotten a lot of compliments of being 'too skinny'. so i must be doing something right!
but every persons body is different. so i say just live life and dont count calories! you are beautiful just the way you are


Losing your job can be stressful! Especially with money worries but it'll be okay!

Kind regards,

Brian Smith

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